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Quality Assurance in Research,Innovation,Incubation, Industry Interaction, Development, Entreprenuership, Education and Social Responsibility

About Us

SVCE, Bengaluru established centre for Q-RIDES to inculcate the following additional knowledge amongst students by providing research facilities within campus

  • Student to come with Innovative Ideas
  • Start Incubation with that Innovative Idea
  • Become an Entrepreneur by starting their own Startup

Q-RIDES helps students to establish Startup there by extending hands to get patent their Ideas, Funding from various agencies like DST,VGST,KSCST,MSME etc.., and also helps in promoting the products developed by Startups.

Q-RIDES also inviting Incubates and Startups from outside establish their office inside SVCE, Bengaluru

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Q-RIDES focusing majorly on the following verticals but not limited to encourage students and faculty members to become Entrepreneurs by creating Startup Policy according to National Startup Policy


Q-Rides ignites research culture amongst students and faculty members to develop innovative products

Industry Interactions

To reduce the gap between Industry and Academia the Q-Rides team will interact with various Industries


Main objective is to create entrepreneurial culture in Institution

Social Responsibilities

The Centre for Q-RIDES will guide the students to provide innovative solutions for social problems.


Q-Rides is continuously working with all stakeholders to develop various products which will provide solutions for various societal issues in different domains

Pressure Cooker Whistle Counter and Automation

Security Pouch

Penetrable Concrete Shroud for Trees

Penetrable Concrete Road Divider Blocks

Automatic Gas Leakage Detection and Safety

Direction indicator on helmet

A System for visually impaired people

Canteen App

Automatic Question Paper Distribution System


Planning to Start your Startup need support Technically or Physically you can reach us


Centre for Q-RIDES, C/O SVCE Campus, Off KIA Road, Vidyangar , Bengaluru - 562157


+91- 9731226262 / 9740202345

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